Get Yourself A Sofa Cum Bed

The sofa cum bed is the best alternative for houses that are cramped for space. They are an attractive furniture item and can be used for sleeping. Moreover, they also offer storage space and are the best choice for a small living room. In fact, not only for the small living rooms, they are also good for spacious homes. A huge living room can be utilized to accommodate guests. Sofa cum beds is available in various types like, metal, wood and Italian. Here we take you through the various features of the different types of beds.

Metal body – This kind of sofa cum bed is very sturdy as it is made of either wrought iron or steel. The former one has a powder coating in some dark color like brown, black or grey. The latter one is usually available in steel finish with a dull matte effect or a glossy effect. Metal sofa cum beds may look heavy and difficult to move, but they are actually not very heavy since metal is used only for the frame of the bed. The mattresses are not as heavy as the Italian bed mattresses. So, moving a metal sofa cum bed will never be a challenge. This metal sofa cum bed scores higher than wooden beds. Extreme weather conditions will not affect a metal bed. Wood that tends to swell during the nippy months or rains. The metal sofa cum bed will never give you such problems. Additionally, they are low on maintenance; you only have to think about cleaning the mattresses.

Wooden body – This type of sofa cum bed looks classic and chic and is a favorite amongst many. Wood looks very attractive but the common problems with it related to weather conditions cannot be ignored. Wood will not remain the same through the year. It changes in different seasons and this can be troublesome. It may also require polishing and can turn out to be high on maintenance.

From Crib to Toddler Bed with Rails

How have you handled the transition from crib to bed?

1. Make sure you have a good bedtime routine established before you make the transition. Once your toddler is in a bigger bed she will be able to get in and out on her own. If you have a good bedtime routine you won’t have to worry about your toddler getting out of bed as soon as you tuck her in. It will be easier on her to understand that it is time for her to sleep.

2. Don’t make the transition if there are other major changes going on in your toddler life at the moment. As soon as you know you are expecting another baby, make the transition as soon as possible if your toddler is ready so that it doesn’t occur close to the birth of her new sibling.

3. Do move your toddler into a big bed if they are climbing in or out of their crib. Crib falls from curious toddlers can be dangerous!

4. It’s a personal choice whether to buy a toddler bed or to use a big bed with bed rails. Some parents think that their toddlers will feel more safe and secure in a toddler bed (and they are so cute!). However you may want to consider skipping the toddler bed altogether because it won’t last more than a few years and it will save you the extra expense.

5. If possible, keep the linens the same during the transition. If your toddler is used to a certain blanket, comforter, or stuffed animal, use that in the big bed. Even though the fitted sheet won’t fit a bigger bed, you can still use the top sheet for a few weeks.

Change Your Sleeping Positions To Wake Up Rejuvenated

Are you among those who even after sleeping for more than 8 hours still feel stressed out? Do you often feel some kind of muscular pain – a back pain or a neck pain when you wake up in the morning? These are the symptoms that suggest that you are not sleeping in the right position. No matter how comfortable your bed and pillow is, if your sleeping pattern is not proper, you will not feel fresh when you wake up. For a sound sleep, you require to have comfortable sleeping pattern and a pillow as well as a bed that suits you. This article talks about bad sleeping positions and how you can correct them.

Incorrect Sleeping Positions

Sleeping on your stomach – this position is one of the most common reasons for persistent back pain problems. Sleeping on one side with upper leg twisted over – this position puts too much pressure on the lower back region and also cause discomfort in neck muscles. Sleeping on your back with the hands or elbows higher than the shoulders – this position stretches the neck and shoulders muscles too hard and causes stiff neck and shoulders.

How To Sleep Correctly

Sleeping on the back with your arms by your side is the best position that you can sleep in to achieve maximum comfort. Sleeping on the either side with both the legs bent up or the lower leg bent up and the upper leg straight. This position gives better support to your neck and shoulders muscles.

It is up to you to develop a correct sleeping posture in order to achieve a sound sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep on a comfortable bed with the perfect pillow would help you wake up each morning feeling stress-free and rejuvenated – ready to start the day with a healthy body and fresh mind.

Bedroom Furniture That Creates A Sensation

If you are planning to change the look of your bedroom, it is best to start with your bed. There are umpteen styles and colors available in beds and mattresses, but you would want something that complements your room décor. Try oak bedroom furniture. They are the trendiest.

Why is oak stealing the hearts of style lovers? Well, the grainy texture and color goes with all kinds of room décor, plus renders a classy look. The oak look is outstanding in the fall, as it complements the vibrant fall colors like orange, red, and gold. Just open up the windows and let nature come breezing into your bedroom, lighting up your bedroom furniture like never!

If you love pastels, florals, and shades of white, why not try cottage style beds. You can change the look with the season and try out new colors for your bedroom. You can go for Victorianfurniture style or create a mix and match of spring colors (florals and pastels) and fall colors (bright oranges, reds, and browns).

Instead of changing the entire furniture of your bedroom, you can make certain creative changes to your bed, mattresses, and headboard. A bed can alter the look of a bedroom because it is the most important piece of furniture in this room. Whether you like the traditional style or the contemporary one, you can get all styles and designs to make your bedroom a fantastic destination to unwind yourself.

So, if you want your boring bedroom to look different, it is time to try out new styles in furniture, especially beds. And do not forget to add a comfy mattress, ready to lull you into heavenly sleep!

Basic Bed Construction

The basic frame of a bed is also known as a bedstead. This is normally constructed with woodor metal and its essential components are the side rails, foot and the head. In certain cases, a centre support rail is also added to give more strength, especially for larger frames. The rails are attached to the footboard and the headboard and wooden slats are used to reinforce the structure by placing them perpendicular to the rails. A space is thus created to place the mattresses or box springs.

In some cases, such as for children’s beds, safety rails are attached to the sides so that the person using the bed does not fall off from the side during sleep. These rails are attached in such a way that they can easily be removed when they are not required. Moreover, these rails can be placed on one side or both the sides as the need might be.

The basic types of bed frames are: platform type that does not use a box spring; captain type that uses the space between the floor and the frame to store goods in drawers; waterbed type that is very sturdy and is designed to withstand the weight of the water in the mattress.

The attachment of the bed rails and the frames to the bed post is done with such knocked down fittings as can be easily removed if the bed needs to be dismantled. The various types of these fittings are pin and hook fasteners, plate and hook fasteners, and bed bolts or through bolts. The bed sizes also vary in various countries but in England, the single size, the double size, and the king size are the most common choices.