Various Types Of Beds

The modern age has made giant strides in every sphere of life. This advancement has also manifested itself in the diversification and modernization of beds which are now being made especially for every conceivable purpose. Some of the most important types of beds are mentioned below:

A Divan bed is designed in such a way that it can be used as a divan (or part of a sofa) during the day and as a bed when you want to sleep.

A Bunk is made for sleeping specially when there is paucity of space. A bunk bed is two bunks one on top of the other.

An adjustable bed is designed so that it can be changed to different positions as per requirements.
An air bed is used when there is no space to keep it during the day or while travelling. It can be inflated when required and deflated, rolled and packed when not in use.

A chest bed is usually made from wood and underneath the mattress you have plenty of storage space where you can keep your belongings and save valuable storage space in the house.

A camp bed or cot is a light-weight portable bed that is used by armies and others during a crisis period.
A canopy bed has pillars that are used to support cloth hangings for decoration and enclosure of the bed.
A futon is a traditional Japanese bed.

A hammock is a temporary bed made of fabric that is suspended from two supports one on each side like on the branches of a tree and you can relax and swing on it.

A hospital bed can be of various types but usually it is an adjustable bed that can be inclined as per the patient’s needs. It is also attached with special trays to hold medicines and other medical equipment.

There are many other types of beds which are used for special purposes like vibrating beds, water beds etc.

Types, Sizes And Other Features Of Mattresses

Mattresses were made basically to provide a soft and comfortable material on which to sleep. In some places, people put their mattresses directly on the floor for sleeping. However, mostly the mattresses are placed on top of a bed so that it is higher than the floor. A mattress is basically a pad or a mat that has been filled with various materials, down the ages. From the ancient filling of straw and feathers to the modern inner spring core or polyurethane foams made out of latex or viscoelastic, the fillings have been of many types. Nowadays, you can also have fillings of air, water and natural fibres.

The common thickness of a mattress ranges from 6 to 8 inches (15 to 46 cm). The dimensions of a mattress in the UK are: 30 x 75 inches for a Mini single, 36 x 75 inches for a Twin single, 42 x 75 inches for a Twin single XL, 48 x 75 for a Small double, 54 x 74 inches for Double, 60 x 78 inches for King, and 72 x 78 inches for Super King.

The various types of mattresses are: spring coil mattresses, air mattresses, and foam mattresses. The spring mattresses have a foundation, inner spring coils and the upholstery layer. The inner spring coils are made from steel coil springs and the gauge (thickness) of the coil determines the firmness or support that the mattress gives to the sleeper’s body. The air mattresses have air chambers to replace the springs for providing support. In case of foam mattresses, the springs are replaced with shape-conforming latex. Viscoelastic memory foam is also used in some cases.

The other essential components of a mattress are its foundation which contains the springs and the upholstery layers which cover the mattress and provide comfort.

Tips To Help You Buy A Comfortable Bed

If you are waking up with aches and pains, or if you are not getting a good night’s sleep, chances are that you need to change your bed. Many people do not realize the role a bed plays in getting a good night’s rest. Moreover, people do not realize that an uncomfortable bed leads to lower back pain. For people with arthritis or other muscular-skeleton problems, an uncomfortable bed can be disastrous.

So, if you are spending all night tossing and turning, you should buy a new bed. Here are few tips to help you buy the right one. Before you go shopping for a new bed, you should always keep in mind that you should buy a quality bed that is within your budget. After all, you do not want to be changing your bed within the next few months or a year.

Right Size

When buying a bed, it is always important to buy the right size bed. You want a bed that has enough space for you and your partner, if you have one. So how do you find out what is the right size for you? Lie on the bed with your arms stretched out and see if there is enough space for the two of you. And make sure that it can fit into your bedroom.

Size is important because a small bed can mean you falling off the bed in the night. A small size bed will also mean that you will not have enough space to sleep comfortably and you would both be knocking into each other the whole night.

Right Height

Besides the size, the height is also important. This is especially so if you suffer from arthritis or other such problems. You need a bed on which you can climb easily.

Good Mattress

The choice of the mattress is as important as the choice of the bed. As a general rule, the mattress should be firm with just a little bit of softness to accommodate your body’s weight. However, if you feel comfortable with a soft mattress, then you should buy a soft one only. Remember, it is your comfort that is important.
With a quality bed, you will surely enjoy your sleep like never before.

The Toddler Bed Rail that Mothers Love Best

Summer Infant Sure and Secure Double Bedrail

Most parents love this inexpensive but sturdy toddler bed rail because it is so easy to assemble. We have yet to see a negative review for this toddler bed rail. Your toddler will feel safe and secure, and the rail construction is simple and sturdy. The side rails fold flat against the bed which makes sheet changing very easy. The featured bed rails are a nice shade of pink so they make a great choice for a big-girl’s bed. They are also available in a nice blue.

Safety 1st Secure Top Bed Rail

This safety toddler bed rail is very popular. Probably the most popular feature of this particular toddler bed rail and what makes it unique from other toddler bed rails is that it actually sits on top of the mattress so that there is absolutely no fear of the toddler getting trapped between the bed rail and the mattress. It is ideal for thick mattresses such as pillowtops because it has thickness adjustments on both sides. It is also very quick to assemble (most parents report less than 5 minutes with no tools required) and the bed rail folds down to provide easy access to change linens. It is also one of the most economical toddler bed rails you can find. Like most safety guard rails, this one is designed for use only with twin beds or larger.

The Perfect Solution For Back Pain Lies In Your Mattress!

If you want to fight your back pain successfully, get a foam mattress. It would neither pinch your pocket nor would it go out of style. The quality of foam is to contour to the body and regain its original shape when not in use. It clings to your body like a mask when you are sleeping, providing complete support at all your curves and keeping your body in natural alignment.

Foam mattresses are available in a huge range of styles, colors and designs. A large number oforthopedic doctors recommend using this mattress to ease back pain.

In addition, there is a magnetic mattress that uses magnetic therapy and has gained considerable acceptability in modern medicine. The theory is that placing magnets on aching spots on the body enhances blood circulation and eases pain. Magnetic therapy is debatable, yet there are many takers for both the therapy and for the mattress.

Forget about all these different kinds of mattresses; why not go for an adjustable bed? Here, you can adjust the head as well as foot of the bed according to your comfort level. At the end, it should support your back and provide absolute relaxation. You can get a foam or latex mattress for such beds. So, instead of running to and fro searching for the right mattress and pillow, get a bed that caters to your need at the press of a button. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

A large chunk of the population of the world is suffering from back pain. They try out all sorts of remedies to combat the pain. Alas, they overlook one of the most important factors – their bed!

The Evergreen Wooden Beds

Wooden beds have a classic and royal appearance. They look rich and sophisticated and can add beauty to your home. Wood has always been preferred over any other material for furniture items and flooring. It is strong and sturdy and has a long life. Moreover, if wooden furniture is maintained well, it stays in good condition for several years. The upkeep of furniture is very important. Good maintenance can increase the life of your furniture items.

Wooden beds are the best choice for people with back problems. Even if you do not have any backache complaints, it is better to sleep on a wooden bed to avoid such problems. The firmness of a bed and mattress plays a very important role in maintaining the health of your back. Slouching on the bed and uneven mattress or old mattress can cause irreparable damage to your backbone.

There are various types of woods used for beds. We give you a skinny about the types of woods and their unique qualities.

Teak Wood – This wood is the best one available. It is nature’s gift to humankind. It is indeed the most durable type of wood. Teak wood is hard, strong and highly resistant to sun, rain, snow and extreme weather conditions. It has very high quality and is the best choice for beds.

Pine wood – This is a soft wood and offers excellent finishing, since it can be reshaped easily. Pinewood is available in three types, Radiata Pine, Southern Yellow Pine and White Pine. It is a soft wood used for making paper. It scores high for making furniture items since it can be shaped and designed very intricately and has a long life.

Oak wood – Oak wood is the best choice for beds and other furniture items since it is strong. There are several species of Oak. Of them, the two species that are the most commonly used for furniture are red and white oak. Oak wood looks classy and is a favorite with craftsmen.

The Contemporary Divan Beds

Divan beds look elegant and classy. They have a royal appeal and are an attractive furnitureitem. They serve the purpose of sitting and sleeping. In fact, these days, divan beds are modified to look chic and are often found adorning the living room. Especially, the single divan beds, the double divans are meant strictly for the bedroom. Singe divan bed is stylish and comfortable, it is a little low in height as compared to the regular queen or king size bed.

The divan beds come with storage facility, so if you are pressed for space then a divan bed can be the solution to meet your storage needs. They do not have a headboard and that is what makes them different from regular beds. However, they have a stylish look and suit a contemporary lifestyle. You can choose from a wide variety of woods like oak, pine, mahogany, and teak and so on. The bed can be teamed with mattresses of your choice. In fact, the upholstery can enhance the appearance of a divan bed.

There have been so many modifications to divan beds that some of the double beds can be converted into a triple bed. Yes, this is true, it is no joke. This kind of arrangement is good when you are cramped for space. The bed also offers extra storage facility. Moreover, it is so easy to use that you simply have to pull out a part of the bed from one side and the mattress is fixed inside. The part that is pulled out is a bit smaller and lower in height, so a child can easily accommodate in this kind of bed. When you push it back inside, it merges with the bed and no one can tell that you have double bed that can be converted into a triple bed.

Take Care Of Your Mattress

A good mattress can cost you a considerable amount of money and as such it is essential that you take good care of your mattress so that it remains in good shape throughout its life span which can be anything between 7 to 20 years depending upon the type of mattress. Moreover, in order to get the maximum comfort from your mattress, it is essential to maintain it properly during its life span.
Given below are a few tips for taking good care of your mattress.

Avoid soaking the mattress as mildew might develop inside the upholstery and spoil it. A mild surface cleaner or vacuum cleaning is the best solution. Do not place the mattress on a soggy or uneven base. Instead, keep it on a firm base. Rotate the mattress every month for six months if it is new and after that rotate it every two or three months. You should also alternately flip and rotate a double sided or two sided mattress. Do not fold or bend your mattress. Also avoid wearing out the mattress in one spot. Moreover, do not place excessive weight on the handles.

A mattress should give support to your body and relieve you of body pain. If you feel that the mattress is no longer doing the same or if you can feel the springs jutting out of the upholstery, sagging or deformation or high squeaking, you should immediately replace the mattress. If you are using a very wide mattress, make sure that the frame supporting it has 5 or 6 legs. Moreover, use a minimum of 5 wood slats and position three of them in the centre third part of the bed if the bed has a headboard and footboard style.

Remember that if you take good care of your mattress, it will keep on supporting you for a long time.

Sleep Well! It Can Make A Huge Difference

We often ignore the importance of sleep. It is that time of the night when our body repairs itself and works on the wear and tear. The mind goes into a different level and eases stress and tension. Sleep deprivation is the prime cause of several diseases. There are several reasons for sleep related disorders and sleeping habit is one of them. Altering your sleep pattern is in your hands, provided you take the efforts to put yourself into snooze world. Here, we intend to throw light on some aspects that can be incorporated.

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep?

Well, it is not that difficult. All you need to do is prepare your mind and body for sleep. Sounds weird! Nevertheless, this is the way to a good night’s sleep. The first step to sound sleep is to relax your mind by creating the right environment. Dim lights, a relaxing bath, soft instrumental music and some aromatic oils can do wonders to take the stress away from your mind. When your mind is given these signals, it instructs the body to feel a little lazy and lethargic. This is the time to get hold of a book and read until your eyes feel tired. Once your eyes feel the tension, you will start feeling sleepy.

Ensure that your bed is ready before you sit for reading. Nothing can be more relaxing than a cozy bed with layers of mattresses. The more the number of layers, the more comfortable your bed will be. The bed sheet, bed cover and pillow also play an important role. The shape of a pillow, the fabric of a bed sheet etc can further enhance the degree of comfort for you. Investing in a good bed with an equally good mattress is worth the money spent.

Is There A Mattress For Back Pain?

If you are suffering from back pain, refrain from the common notion of buying a firm mattress. It does more harm than good. If you really want to get a good night’s sleep without waking up with an aching back, go for futon mattresses or for visco elastic foam. They are not only trendy, but also the best for your back.

Do you know? NASA was the first to develop visco elastic foam for their astronauts! Later, it began to be used commercially. Today, it adorns the beds of a large number of homes.

Why is everybody crazy about foams? Well, the first thing is that a foam mattress takes the shape of your body. In other words, it fills the gaps at the natural curves of your body and renders complete support during sleep. Thus, it keeps your spine healthy and happy and induces a refreshing sleep.

There are three things that you must consider while buying a mattress. The first is whether the mattress is for family use or for guests. If it is for guests, it will not be used everyday. On the other hand, for family usage, you must get a durable mattress that can endure the daily handling. The second thing is whether you suffer from allergies, body pain, or other medical conditions. You need to get a mattress and pillow accordingly. The third thing is the amount of money you can afford on a mattress.

You can get queen or king size beds, regular beds and beds for two or for the entire family. The price varies and so does the design. Do not forget to consider your room décor and bed design too before choosing a mattress.